The Heritage Draught-proofing Easy Slide System

Both sashes are carefully removed. New parting beads are inserted down both sides of the frame and at the head (if required) Any flaking paint is cleaned off and woodwork repaired if required (see restoration & repair page)

The sashes are then cleaned up and re-corded. Both sashes are balanced for smooth operation and fitted back into the frame. New staff beads are fixed into place.

High quality weatherpile is applied to all parting and staff beads. We use a pile with an additional fin in the center. This increases the weather performance and draft exclusion properties.

We offer both Traditional Waxed Cotton Sash Cord with a polyester core for added strength, or a Plaited Nylon Sash Cord which has higher strength and will last longer.

We always fit new window fittings & brassware and additional security fittings are also available

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